Azealia Banks Reignites Cardi B Feud With Iggy Azalea Comparison

AllHipHop Staff

Azealia Banks is at it again with more controversial comments about female rappers.

(AllHipHop News) Azealia Banks has reignited her feud with Cardi B by questioning her dedication to music and comparing her to Iggy Azalea.

The 26-year-old first revealed her true feelings about the "Bodak Yellow" star in September, when Cardi was celebrating her tune topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Calling her a "poor man's Nicki (Minaj)" Azealia continued in her Twitter rant to call out those "black industry men" who had supported and endorsed "Bodak Yellow" but not given the same support to her, Nicki or Remy Ma.

Now, in a new interview with TheBlackMedia, Azealia has once again taken aim at stripper-turned-rapper Cardi.

"I’m very entertained by Cardi B and I really like 'Bodak Yellow' like it’s a really good song, but you are not that girl. It’s just the truth, it’s just the truth you know what I’m saying?" she said. "I’m not trying to take anything from you, but you’re just, like, you know its like this female rap thing is like a linage it’s a real fire that burns in a soul, you don’t have that fire, I’m very happy for your success and I love your come up and I love like seeing you smile and having a good time, but this women’s expression, just the fire of the black women’s expression, Cardi, you don’t have it and you won’t get it, because it’s not you."

Azealia then continued to criticize Cardi by comparing her to Iggy, with whom she frequently feuds on social media.

Setting herself aside, she insisted Cardi has more in common with Australian star Iggy than she does with her, or Nicki.

"We’ve seen the movie before, it’s called Iggy Azalea," she added. "I know exactly what you guys do. You buy a No. 1. You buy a Grammy. It’s all being paid for. I’m not at all trying to take anything away from you. S##t, I’d f##king love if someone paid for me to f##king get an award. That’s great, but I’m that girl. Nicki Minaj is that girl. Remy Ma is that girl. Cardi B is not that girl."

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She got no game for the dick.


Literally she involved race in EVERY SINGLE SITUATION! EVERY SINGLE ONE! she is ignorant as fuck, cardi b is popular because people like her, point blank period. Shes not that bad but not great but shes a hustler and she goes and gets it, this bitch just hates, and hates and hates and throws the race card ine very situation when this is music and not political bullshit. Keep it music bitch, tired of hearing your ugly, crusty bummy mouth, as an artist you are amazing but as a person, you are just fucking shitty, no wonder why NO ONE asks to work with you, fix that attitude and tired of people from the bouroughs finding the excuse because they are from the BX or brooklyn, that justifies them to act a certain way when thats just ignorant as fuck. its cool to be wild but learn to chill and stay in your place sometimes.