Azealia Banks Throws Shade At Working With RZA

Azealia Banks calls RZA a “cokehead” and goes in on their issues.

By: Shirley Ju @shirju

(AllHipHop News) In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Azealia Banks holds nothing back.

In addition to speaking on her music, the New York rapper aired out all the issues she has with RZA, whom she worked with on the film "Love, Beats Rhymes."

When asked about the Wu-Tang member, Azealia decided to go off.

"I don’t give a f##k about RZA,” Azealia stated. “RZA can call me when he has some money for me.”

It all stemmed back when Azealia Banks was allegedly thrown out of actor Russell Crowe's part in Beverly Hills party two years back.

“If RZA was smart, he should have just shut the f##k up," Banks says. "We have a movie to promote. Who’s gonna wanna see a movie in which the director has slandered the lead actress? Like, what the f##k are you thinking?"

As she continued the slander, she even called out RZA's alleged drug problem.

"Every time you're like calling me to go to the studio, I show up to the studio and you're fucking coked out," Banks stated.

She followed it up with calling RZA words such as “dummy” and clown.”