Azealia Banks To RZA: I Hope You Drop Dead

The Harlem rapper/actress takes issue with the Wu member talking about her in interviews.

(AllHipHop News) RZA is currently doing a media run to promote the Wu-Tang Clan project The Saga Continues as well as his Love Beats Rhymes film. The movie stars Azealia Banks, so her name has been brought up during some of RZA's interviews.

Recently, the New York-bred entertainer sat down with The Breakfast Club. He was asked about the 2016 violent incident involving Banks and Gladiator actor Russell Crowe.

According to screenshots captured by Baller Alert, Banks took issue with the Wu member speaking about her in the press. She posted online, "RZA has to stop talking about me in the media. Until he is ready to apologize to me publicly, he can go back to sucking Russell Crowes [sic] d-ck for invites to Hollywood parties."

The "212" rapper also added that she was emotionally hurt when RZA allegedly lied for Crowe and didn't defend her in the situation. Banks also wrote, "[RZA,] I hope you drop dead."

During his Breakfast Club interview, RZA again admitted he saw Crowe spit on Banks at the Beverly Hills Hotel party. He also praised her performance in Love Beats Rhymes.

"I heard about [Banks'] history, but when she came to work for me, she did her job every day," stated RZA. "She's a natural talent."

lol...after Jess Hilarious got on her ass, she hasn't clapped back on that yet lol. $16 Groupon tickets lmao

If Crowe spit on her and RZA didn't do anything then that is foul, RZA should stand up for a sister. Having said that she is a weird chick, so I don't know what happened.

Not if that dumb bitch deserved it and the way she be dunno g her mouth she probably did


im glad she had a falling out with the director of her first lead role in a film. hopefully means she wont get anymore chances... cuz that shit looks HORRIBLE!