B.G. Checks Into Hospital, Preparing New Album


B.G. checked into a Los Angeles, California hospital over the weekend due to

chest pains. According to Carole Dorsey, CEO of B.G.'s Chopper City Records,

the New Orleans rapper is fine.

"He was having

chest pains and checked into the hospital. He really has to slow his roll and

get healthy," Dorsey told AllHipHop.com.

"He has been

working out. He's big now, working out and running and he's starting to physical

stuff. But he's fine. We just got back from Los Angeles."

B.G. is preparing

to release BGizzle Presents: The Chopper City Boys: Didn't See It Coming.

"It's like

B.G.'s version of the Hot Boys," Dorsey said. "The group features

B.G.'s brother Hakim, Gar and Sniper. B.G. is also featured on the album as

well. We are going to pick the first single from the album later this month."

The album is scheduled

to drop in October on Chopper City Records.