B.G. Hit With $150k Lawsuit For Shooting Video On Neighbor's Property

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop star B.G. has been hit with a lawsuit from his neighbors who claim the rapper filmed a part of a rap video on their property without permission. Plaintiffs Shyrl Patterson Bagneris and John Bagneris filed the lawsuit in United States District Court, Eastern District Louisiana, claiming B.G. shot the video for "My Hood" without the proper city permits. The Bagneris' claim that the rapper trespassed on their property with a film crew of over 40 people, complete with commercial lighting and other "heavy duty equipment."They claim they sent a cease and desist letter to B.G., but the rapper ignored the warning and continued to promote the video without the proper authorization. "Plaintiffs are upstanding individuals in their community who do not wish to be associated with rap music, B.G., Chipper City Records and other defendants associated with the music video "My Hood."The Bangeris' claim B.G. and Chopper City Records are accused of violating the Lanham trademark act, unjust enrichment, trespass to land and intrusion on seclusion. The Bangeris are seeking a trial by jury and seek no less than $150,000 in damages.