B.G. Introduces Chopper City Boyz' Debut

New Orleans

native B.G. will introduce The Chopper City Boyz' debut album We Got This on

his Chopper City Records imprint this February. B.G.

has helped The Chopper City Boyz (Sniper, Hakim aka Hakizzle, VL Mike and Gar)

develop a following by featuring the group on four of his last studio albums that

were released through his Chopper City imprint, which is marketed and distributed

by KOCH Records."After

being in the game for 12 years, I'm introducing my new group," B.G. said

in a statement. "The Chopper City Boyz are the next step in the Chopper City

movement. Since the breakup of my super group, The Hot Boyz, there's been a lack

of talented real Hip-Hop groups from the South. The Chopper City Boyz are gonna

change all that." The

first single from the album is "Make Em Mad," which features The Chopper

City Boyz and B.G. The single was produced by Mississippi producer and rapper,

David Banner. "I'm

the s**t on the boards and this is the first part of my take over [on production],"

David Banner told AllHipHop.com of the single. "I'm sick of playing!"As

a member of Cash Money Records' group The Hot Boyz, B.G. helped usher in a new

Southern sound in Hip-Hop along with former group members Lil' Wayne, Juvenile

and Turk, who is serving 10 years behind bars for weapons charges stemming from

a Jan. 2004 shootout with Memphis SWAT Team members.During

his stint as a member of The Hot Boyz, B.G. was featured on critically acclaimed

and commercially successful albums like Get It How U Live (1997), Guerrilla

Warfare (1999) and Let 'Em Burn (2003). As

a solo artist, B.G. had a massive hit with the single "Bling Bling,"

which was taken from his 1997 album Chopper City in the Ghetto. The term,

which is slang for expensive jewelry, eventually made its way into the Oxford

English Dictionary and Websters dictionary. We

Got This hits stores February 27th 2007. Below is the album's tracklisting:

1. Intro

- Ziggy2. Taking Over - Hakizzle, Sniper, VL Mike, Gar3. Bounce - Hakizzle,

VL Mike, Gar, Sniper4. Make Em Mad - Hakizzle, Sniper, VL Mike, Gar feat.

B.G.5. Thoro Street Nigga - VL Mike, Sniper, Gar6. It's Real - VL Mike7.

What I Like About Her - Hakizzle, Sniper, VL Mike, Gar, B.G.8. Flatliners

- Sniper, VL Mike & Gar9. Chopper City - Gar10. Never Had - VL Mike,

Sniper & Gar feat. Mercedes11. Knuckle Up - VL Mike, Sniper & Gar12.

Heart of a Killer - Sniper13. I Can Do That - Gar feat. B.G. & Lady Dolla14.

Going On - Hakizzle, VL Mike feat. B.G.15. Crucial Shit - Hakizzle16.

All We Got - Sniper & VL Mike17. Shake Em Off - Gar, Sniper & VL Mike18.

All Eyes On Me - Gar feat B.G.19. The Price Is Right - Hakizzle feat. B.G.