B.G. Recording New Album Executive Produced By T.I., Readies New Chopper City Projects

Only two months after the release of his album The Heart Of Tha Streetz: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am), New Orleans rapper Christopher "B.G." Dorsey has a new album in the works. 

B.G.'s new album B.G. Presents Life With Chopper City will be released by his record company Chopper City Records, which is distributed by Atlantic Record umbrella.

The album will also be executive produced by platinum recording artist T.I. and features Mannie Fresh, T.I., Juvenile, and Chopper City Records' newest edition, The Chopper City Boyz.

"Each of The Chopper City Boyz has a different style," B.G. said. "On my album, I chose

beats that would work with each member of the Chopper City Boyz and featured them on different tracks as a way to introduce them individually."

The group, which includes B.G.'s brother Hakizzle, VL Mike, Gar and Sniper, is already gaining popularity from their appearance on B.G.'s The Heart Of Tha Streetz: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am).

Chopper City Records will introduce another act to the world this year with the release of newly signed R&B crooner K'Jon's debut album, This Is Me.

B.G. has sold over seven million records worldwide.