B.G.’s Aunt to Launch Nationwide Artist Management Venture

(AllHipHop News) CEOs Carol A. Dorsey (Chopper City Records, Madd Money Entertainment) and Dawn “Lady Dolla” Harrington (Dollas N Sense) have confirmed a joint business venture focusing on artist management and label development projects.

As founder/co-CEO of Chopper City Records with rapper and nephew B.G., Carol Dorsey was instrumental in the New Orleans emcee selling 8 million records to date, and introducing the group Chopper City Boyz.

Dorsey was also an integral part in the early career of R&B breakthrough artist K’Jon, working with the singer until 2007.

Currently, she is working with E-1 Entertainment and Atlantic Records to finalize B.G.’s 11th solo LP Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood.

With labels pulling back resources, Dorsey feels her experience offers the insight needed for artists to secure funding and negotiation leverage.

“Over the years I have developed intuitive insights, creative instincts, business savvy and inimitable showmanship, plus a strong A&R eye sight in rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and pop with a creative view of artist imaging in bringing out the best in each individual artist that I choose to work with,” she explained to AllHipHop.com, “:As a sound business woman, I know good business when I see it, and I’m excited to take my business relationship with Dawn to this new management level. Outside of this new movement, I will continue to run Chopper City Records along with my partner and nephew, B.G.”

Dawn “Lady Dolla” Harrington had her start under Dorsey as an intern with Chopper City Records in 2004, and worked extensively with B.G. and Chopper City Boyz later on as an Executive Assistant.

Through the Lady Dolla moniker, Harrington went on to establish her own Dollas N Sense Entertainment and Booking Agency, along with modeling groups the Chopper City Girls and the Lady Dolla Dolls.

“Since my first venture in this industry I have been determined to expand my reach to other facets of the game, and now with this new exciting partnership with Carol/ Madd Money Entertainment, I truly believe that there is no limit to what we can accomplish,” Harrington told AllHipHop.com. “I would like to thank B.G. and the amazing people at Chopper City Records for their faith in me and teaching me so much, and I look forward to achieving greater success.”

At press time, the companies will retain offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Atlanta.

Their targeted clientele are artists with record deals, those previously signed to deals, and unsigned artists that have Soundscan sales and BDS airplay history.