B.G. Teams With Manny Fresh For New Single

B.G. is set to

release his new single “Move Around” and in the coming weeks, the

rapper will shoot a video for the new single, taken from his upcoming release,

The Heart of Tha Streetz: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am) in the coming weeks.

Produced by Mannie Fresh,

“Move Around” marks the first time B.G. and Mannie Fresh have collaborated

since both left Cash Money Records.

"Mannie Fresh created a certain sound for each Cash Money artist and even

though I've worked with damn near everybody from Swizz Beats to DJ Smurf, Fresh

is Fresh," B.G. said. "We kept in contact over the years and after

he left the label, it was on and popping.”

The video was scheduled

to be filmed entirely in New Orleans, but B.G. was denied a permit by the city

because the area where he wanted to shoot was in the most devastated parts of

New Orleans.

The video, directed by Gil

Green, will be shot in parts of New Orleans and Atlanta over a two-day period.

B.G., now living in Detroit, confesses that he's still affected by the disaster

that happened in his hometown.

"It can't get no realer

than what happened to New Orleans,” B.G. continued. “I came to Detroit

about three years ago and it's been like my second home ever since, but everyday

I wake up, I'm wishing I can go down to the projects and see my people.”

In related news, B.G. is schedule to return to court on Feb. 6th to answer to

charges of possession of a firearm and drug possession.

The former Cash Money Records

artist was arrested by police on last month (Dec. 18) in Detroit, after police

stopped his car and found a concealed weapon in his vehicle.

The Heart of

Tha Streetz: Vol. 2 (I Am What I Am) will be released March 21, 2006 on

Chopper City Records.