B.G. to Represent Billionaire Mafia’s Legend Clothing Line

(AllHipHop News) New Orleans emcee B.G. is endorsing his first clothing line by signing on with the Las Vegas-based Billionaire Mafia clothing line.Established in 2007, the Billionaire line was founded by Lana Fuchs to reflect her love of urban art, music, and fashion.Initially, the line simply offered graffiti-themed tees and hoodies. Over the last 3 years, the clothing company has grown and been worn by celebrities such as rapper Busta Rhymes, media personality Big Tigger, and MMA fighter Rashad Evans."If you're in the game, then you got to be a power player," Fuchs stated. "Billionaire Mafia is elegant, luxurious and sexy, but each individual gentleman can add his own swagger to it. I like to dress real men, who know what they want and go after it with a vengeance."Since his first appearance as a teen with Lil Wayne on the early 90’s True Story EP, B.G. has remained a viable and respected artist in his city and the rest of the South. When asked what drew him to the Billionaire Legend’s line, B.G. explained that it reflected the street culture that he champions in his music."This year I joined the Billionaire Mafia family, a hot clothing line for gangsters like me," B.G. revealed. "Be on the lookout for me, B.G., coming to a hood near you rocking' my Billionaire Mafia fits. Time to get back to the money, [that] Billionaire Mafia money. I look like money all day, everyday representing Billionaire Mafia."B.G.’s last project was 2009’s Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood. This year, he is finalizing a collaboration LP with Lil Boosie.For more information on the Billionaire Mafia line, visit www.billionairemafia.com.