B-Hamp's 'Ricky Bobby' Dance Goes Nationwide

AllHipHop Staff

Dallas rapper B-Hamp is set to take his track and dance “Do the Ricky Bobby” national via a new record deal with the CKB Entertainment/Malaco Music Group.

B-Hamp, born Brandon Hampton, recently signed with Malaco’s urban division off the strength of “Ricky Bobby.”

The dance and song is being played in numerous clubs throughout the south.

B-Hamp’s release is the first for Malaco’s new division, which is being headed up by industry veteran Lionel Ridenour, who has run the urban divisions for majors like Arista, Capitol, BMG and others.

According to Ridenour, Malaco is aggressively seeking new artists and labels to distribute.

“Our plan is to create a new home for established independent labels as well as provide guidance to new labels,” Ridenour told AllHipHop.com. “Our division is geared up and our team is ready to provide not only distribution but national urban marketing and promotion.”

Ridenour hopes to push B-Hamp’s southern hit nationwide, after the track and the dance instructions received more than 1.3 million views on YouTube.

B-Hamp created the track and accompanying dance just one day after viewing Will Ferrell portraying the character Ricky Bobby in 2006’s flick Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

“I took the first moves that came to mind when thinking about the movie Talladega Nights, B-Hamp explained. “You wave your arms in the dance like at a car race or driving a race car. The dip part in the dance is like rolling a wheel chair, like when Ricky Bobby was in a wheel chair, and I also wanted to make it easy so everyone could do it!”

“Do the Ricky Bobby” is the first single from B-Hamp’s upcoming album B Dash, which is due in stores May 5.