B.I.G. Forever: Notorious B.I.G. and Kids Will Appear In Animated Series, "House Of Wallace"

(AllHipHop) The ghost of the late, great Notorious B.I.G. will gain a digital form in Ossian Media's new animated series "House of Wallace".

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The series will center around Biggie's children, C.J. and T'yanna, attempting to keep the dead lyricist's Brooklyn studio open as they encounter opposition for all types.

Christopher Wallace's spirit will also play a central role in the series to help guide his children through adversities. Throughout the course of the series, the pair find innovative ways maintain the studio's revenue, such as opening the studio up to artists who want to record jingles for well-known brand names.

Wally Eltawashy, president of Ossian Media sees this component of the story as key to the animated series' advertising potential:

"The show's creative format will allow for advertising integration in the truest, purest sense of the term - this could well be the very first animated program to incorporate creative shops (and their brand partners) directly into the narrative."

In a press release, C.J. and T'yanna spoke on the importance for this series to bridge the gap between the generation that grew up on the Notorious B.I.G. and the generations that follow:

"This project, "House Of Wallace" is a great opportunity for us to bridge the gap between our parents who loved his music and the kids and young adults our ages, that were not around to really appreciate it,

Along with the Ready To Die MC's offsprings lending vocals to the series, a host of musical artists will also contribute. Original music along with renditions of Notorious B.I.G. classics will be central to the series.

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