B.I.G.'s Estate Digesting Info About Murder; Could Re-File $500 Million Lawsuit

The Brooklyn rapper may see some justice, thanks to some explosive new information about his murder.

(AllHipHop News) The lawyer who led a massive $500 million lawsuit against the LAPD said he is considering re-filing his case against the city.

Perry Sanders revealed the shocking news comes after it was revealed a conspiracy that reached the top of the LAPD to end the investigation into the March 9, 1997 murder "Christopher "The Notorious B.I.G." Wallace.

Former FBI agent Phil Carson went on record and revealed top officers at the LAPD worked in tandem to railroad the case, over a $400 million lawsuit B.I.G.'s family was on the verge of winning against the force.

Phil Carson accused Michael Berkow, former head of the LAPD's Professional Standards Bureau, who now runs the Coast Guard's Intelligence Services, of ruining the case.

Carson claimed Berkow conspired to ruin his reputation, in addition to making sure the lawsuit did not succeed in court.

According to Perry Sanders, he was shocked by the new information about Berkow's involvement in obstructing the case.

> "We are digesting this stuff,” Perry Sanders said. “Obviously it’s disturbing that the behind the scene action was so intense and was designed to avoid a murder being prosecuted.

Perry Sanders said believed the new allegations by Phil Carson and the new information.

“Phil was an honest cop from all I knew. Straight shooter. I’d believe whatever he says about this. He has no reason to lie," Perry Sanders said.

Biggie was gunned down six months after his rival, Tupac Shakur was shot multiple times on the Las Vegas Strip on September 7, 1996.

The murders have been attributed to a feud between Death Row Records and Bad Boy Records, but many theories have been floated as to who pulled off both murders.

Most people believe Tupac was shot and killed by Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, after Pac, Suge and crew stomped him out inside of the Las Vegas MGM Grand, for allegedly stealing a Death Row pendant.

Orlando Anderson's family denied those claims on his behalf in a statement to AllHipHop.com in 2002, since he was gunned down at a car wash in Compton in 1998.

"We would like to state, unequivocally, that Orlando Anderson did not murder Mr. Tupac Shakur," Anderson's family told AllHipHop in 2002.

"He did not accept any money nor was he offered any money from Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace), nor anyone else, to perform such a heinous crime."

In B.I.G's case, most people believe one of two theories: that LAPD officers working for Suge Knight set up the rapper to be killed by a man named Amir Muhammad.

The other theory is promoted by former LAPD Detective Greg Kading is that B.I.G. was set up and shot by “Wardell 'Poochie' Fouse at the behest of Suge Knight, as revenge for the Crips murdering Pac over a violent feud between Bad Boy and Death Row Records.

"I know that he was around. He grew up in the same neighborhood that we all grew up in," Death Row's head of security Reggie Wright told AllHipHop.com. "Everything that you read in the book or heard in the book 'Murder Rap' I believe to be true, and they name him as the shooter in the book.

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Its crazy we gotta go against each other to prove something i like Biggie and 2pac why was they a target beside i listion to everyone why p diddy lived why suge lived besides both icons they now they couldn't stop so the only way they can blow up who told biggie to go to cali after you seen what happened c i know biggie didn't put a hit out on 2pac because he would've been dead if you go back biggie said that we mite beef wit words but i dont wish death on no 1 i say this who say pdiddy put a hit on 2pac and suge put a hit out on 2pac that all go bakk to the award show in NewYork Suge ran his 👄 but as you puffy was not really worried cause he was in the east coast but if notice 1 big thing 2pac wasnt really invited into the awards why is that also who was they with when they got shot and killed right so it make it look like there not involved well c the big picture 1 blew up off it which is p diddy. Cause these icons was starting there own record label someone was gonnna lose alot of money but it never made it that far because of some icons which im not gonna name no names go to hit em up of 2pac and u will find who had 2pac murdered we know which it wasnt just pdiddy on 2pac you had alot of icons and each one he named on hit em up should be under investigation and go to Makaveli album against all odds that tells you the truth besides who killed biggie was wrong besides if biggie didnt call a hit who did puffy r mobb deep r nas r jz so when talking killing a icon that was hot as you at the time and these 2 icons held the tourch at the time 2pac and biggie beside look when they got the two hottest rappers out of the way everyone else that was trash at the time blew up and thats why this new music is crap it never be like that frfr


The cops and most government agencies are corrupt in the hypocritical USA and most governments around the world