B.I.G.'s Mom Comments On Rolling Stone Article, B.I.G Says Associate Compromised Security

Rolling Stone magazine’s

"The Unsolved Mystery of the Notorious B.I.G." was a mammoth, 26-page

investigative story to the general public, but Ms. Voletta Wallace, mother of

slain rapper, was only shocked at one particular finding.

“It was an [unnamed individual] that was brought out that

was affiliated with the crooks and it was shocking to know that this person

knows that person. I don’t want to give it away,” Ms. Wallace told


According to the Rolling Stone article, "the killer, it

seemed, had exploited a recent complacency among those in B.I.G.'s entourage"

during a time there was extreme friction between Death Row Records and Bad Boy


Ms. Wallace, like the Rolling Stone piece, did not specify the

complacent member of B.I.G.'s entourage when she was queried about the subject,

but commented on the overall conspiracy.

"You are supposed to be putting your faith and your trust

in someone to help solve the crime, but they are the ones that are criminals,"

Ms. Wallace said of the stalled investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

"It puts you on your toes."

According to the theory introduced in the civil trial over the

summer, Marion "Suge" Knight was affiliated with a group of corrupt

LAPD officers involved in the "Rampart Scandal," the biggest police

corruption case ever in the history of Los Angeles.

A graphic recount of the murders of both Tupac Shakur and B.I.G.

are detailed and, according to the article, Death Row Records CEO Marion "Suge"

Knight was responsible for both murders.

The report said Knight allegedly hired rival gang members to

shoot Shakur in 1996, as Shakur sat in the passenger side of Knight's BMW after

attending a Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas.

The shooting came after the infamous beating of rival gang member

and Crip Orlando Anderson, an act caught on tape by MGM Grand surveillance cameras.

According to Rolling Stone’s report, Knight also ordered

a the murder of B.I.G. - while locked in prison for violating his probation

because of the Anderson beating.

"The Unsolved Mystery of the Notorious B.I.G." is

included in the special Hip-Hop issue of Rolling Stone magazine, which features

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter as the cover story.

The B.I.G. story was written by Randall Sullivan and offers

a recap of the July 2005 civil trial, in which a mistrial was declared in Ms.

Wallace's lawsuit against the LAPD in a wrongful death lawsuit.

A mistrial was declared in the case after it was discovered

that the LAPD had withheld thousands of pages of crucial documents relating

to the 1997 murder of Notorious B.I.G.

The civil trial is expected to commence in 2006. Attorneys for

Wallace have stated her son's estate could be as worth as much as $362 million,

an amount that could bankrupt the city of Los Angeles, if the LAPD is found

to have played a role in Notorious B.I.G.'s murder.