B-Legit Talks New Album 'Throwblock Muzik'

West Coast rap veteran B-Legit is bringing his musical stylings back to the forefront with his forthcoming album, Throwblock Muzic.

The release, which is the follow up to the rapper's 2006 mixtape Hood Hustlin and 2005's Block Movement, will include appearances from E-40, Mac Dre, Clyde Carson, Harm from the Rich and Levitti.

"I stay recording, so I have songs that I love but didn't fit on my last album and don't fit on my new album. So I took my favorite ones, touched 'emup, recorded some new songs and came up with Throwblock Muzic," said B-Legit about the material on his new project

Production for Throwblock Muzic will be handled by Mike Mosely, Goldfingaz, Stix, Troy Sanders and E-A-Ski.

In addition established rappers, the album will feature artists signed to B-Legit's record label, Block Movement, such as Taj-He-Spitz, Duna, 2wiceberg Slym and Harm from the Rich.

Throwblock Muzic will feature 16 songs, including the lead single, "Hands On Them Knees."

In addition, the album will feature remixed versions of songs that were released on mixtapes that now include new artists.

As a fixture in the Bay Area music scene, B-Legit is best known for his classic album Hemp Museum.

The rapper is confident that his new album will resonate with fans as it sets the stage for his next project, Block Business.

"My last album hit before the hyphy movement broke, I'm known for that classic mob music so I fell back and went to work," B-Legit said. "I gave the kids a chance but now I have to step in and do what I do best. Throwblock Muzic is to hold you over until Block Business."

B-Legit's Throwblock Muzic is slated to hit stores on Nov. 20.

Block Business is scheduled to be released in March 2008.