B-Real's Dr. Greenthumb's Cannabis Dispensary Partners With Driven Deliveries

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

The emcee/entrepreneur is working to expand his marijuana business.

(AllHipHop News) In August 2018, Louis Mario Freese (aka B-Real) launched his Dr. Greenthumb's Dispensary in Sylmar, California. The Cypress Hill rapper is now partnering with the publicly-traded cannabis delivery company Driven Deliveries.

The cooperative effort will provide direct-to-consumer distribution for Dr. Greenthumb's Dispensary products. In addition, Driven will assist in building the brand's online store.

"Management is extremely pleased to announce this partnership and is excited with the opportunity to significantly expand our service offerings," says Christian Schenk, Driven Deliveries Chief Executive Officer.

Schenk continues, "Our delivery platform, reach, and expertise are an ideal fit for a growing company with a brand name. B-Real is a staple in both the music and cannabis scene and a legend in California. We believe that adding their popular cannabis brands to our service will help increase sales for us and significantly enhance our brand."

Dr. Greenthumb's is scheduled to open another dispensary in Sacramento, California, on June 30, 2019. B-Real and Cypress Hill will promote the store, products, and the Driven Deliveries partnership through its marketing channels and social media network. Dr. Greenthumb's is looking to open additional locations in California and other states where cannabis is legal.

"I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to be part of another major inflection point. We are now able to see This partnership drive availability, brands, and revenues. This is the first of many significant projects you will see us pioneering together," says B-Real.

Cypress Hill rose to prominence as a Hip Hop act in the 1990s. The West Coast-based group released numerous albums over the last thirty years, including 1991's Cypress Hill, 1993's Black Sunday, and 1995's Cypress Hill III: Temples of Boom. They earned their first Grammy nomination for the classic 1993 rap song "Insane In The Brain."