B-Real Weighs In On West Coast In-Fighting; Blames Lack Of Radio Support

(AllHipHop News) Cypress Hill group member B-Real has weighed in growing division between older West coast rappers and a crop of new emcees from various parts of California. Cypress Hill and Ice Cube were engaged in a feud on wax between 1995 and 1997. While he didn’t call out names, Ice Cube took to his blog to address rumors that new talent from the West coast like Jay Rock, Glasses Malone, Crooked I and Bishop Lamont, felt the veterans were not supporting the new artists. “He’s gotta a point man, he don’t owe anybody nothing,” B-Real told AllHipHop.com. “That’s just the reality of it. He doesn’t own them nothing.”B-Real was referring to a controversial statement Ice Cube made in March on his official blog, while promoting his new album, I Am the West. "I don't even remember ever meeting these clowns or even being in the same room with any of 'em. They can't make a name for themselves so they need help from the O/G's. I refuse the throw'em a life line. Fuck'em. It ain't my job to make nobody famous," Ice Cube stated. B-Real said the real culprit is radio on the West coast, in particular and that local radio stations were over saturated with artists from the South. “You got a few people doing some real cool s**t but then it all starts to sound generic,” B-Real told AllHipHop.com. “And then you can’t differentiate the good from the sh**ty. It starts to all sound the same. And I think that’s the problem that’s going on down there. But I can’t hate, do your thing.”As for the West coast artists, B-Real agreed that it was important to continue to support the new batch of artists, even if local radio does not. “These guys ain’t getting no love from the radio, they ain’t getting love from nobody. But once and a while we gotta show these guys some love,” B-Real told AllHipHop.com. “These are the next generation of dudes so we have to support them.”Cypress Hill’s new album Rise Up hit stores on 4/20. To read the full interview with Cypress Hill, click here.