Baby And Karl Kani Launch Clothing Line

Bryan "Baby" Williams and Karl Kani have teamed up to create a new line of urban street wear.

Life Clothing will release denims, T-shirts and other clothing with mink and 14 karat gold threading in the clothes.

“Karl Kani’s clothes speak like our music does," Baby said. "He combines street with bling in the same way we do. Karl wants his clothing line to be where the trends are and where things are happening and that’s where Cash Money is. Where things are happening big time.”

Kani was optimistic about the success of the clothing line, stating that he wants to do "Nike type numbers."

We’re going to dominate urban street apparel, with no doubt,” Kani said. "I started this game and

I’ve seen what everybody else has to put out right now, and I’m like, ‘That’s the best you all got? Let me show you what you need to do.’”

The new clothing line will be supported by a nationwide advertising campaign that includes billboards, commercials, print and media ads and even a Cash Money produced theme song for each individual line of clothing.

The clothing line will hit stores in March.