Baby Bash Schedules Persian Gulf Tour for U.S. Troops

Houston rapper Baby Bash has confirmed plans to launch his first tour of the Persian Gulf in support of U.S. troops fighting overseas.

The trip was brainstormed as a follow-up to the song “As Days Go By,” featured on Bash’s latest album Cyclone.

The track revolves around heartfelt letters to loved ones from husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters fighting in foreign lands.

According to Bash, the song was inspired after meeting numerous fans with family members on tours of duty.

“I’ve always been a big supporter of our nation’s military and the work they do,” Bash explained to “Traveling to the Persian Gulf on a USO tour to spend time with the troops and entertain them is like a dream come true. I’m going to give them shows they will never forget.”

Accompanying the Houston native on tour will be Power 106 radio hosts Big Boy and E-Man as part a planned Armed Forces Entertainment tour.

He said a fresh Marine battalion and an Army combat brigade would go to Afghanistan by January, in response to soaring attacks by Islamist militants nearly seven years after the al Qaeda-backed Taliban were ousted.

Since making his national debut in 2003, Baby Bash has recorded four studio albums and collaborated with Carlos Santana, Akon, Lil Jon, Jennifer Lopez, and Avant.

Baby Bash’s latest singles feature Keith Sweat (“Don’t Stop”) and Sean Kingston (“What Is It”).

His biggest hit, the T-Pain assisted “Cyclone,” has registered over one million downloads.