Baby Heading To Trial Over Marijuana Charge

Cash Money Records’ CEO rapper Bryan “Birdman” Williams pleaded not guilty to marijuana possession charges during a preliminary hearing yesterday (July 29) in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Williams and 15 others were originally charged with possession of marijuana, after police stopped his RV last November on Interstate 81 for making an improper lane change, which forced a tractor trailer into the emergency lane.

A search of the vehicle allegedly uncovered a pound of marijuana in the RV’s trash can, as well as a number of guns.

Williams, his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams, an 18-year-old woman and 13 other people were charged with possession of more than a ½ of marijuana.

In subsequent interviews after his arrest, Williams, who was on the road promoting his album 5 Star G, admitted to possessing marijuana but denied possessing a pound.

Yesterday, three of the group member also charged with possession of marijuana failed to appear in court and bench warrants were promptly issued for their arrests.

Williams and the group are slated to go to trial in October.