Baby Pun Celebrates Big Pun's Passing With New Track

(AllHipHop News) The legacy of rapper Big Pun is being honored today (February 7) as his son releases a tribute record titled “Glamour Life 2010.” Big Pun died of a massive heart attack on February 7, 2000. He is survived by his wife his ex-wife, Lisa Rios and three children, including his son, rapper “Baby Pun.” Baby Pun has teamed with rappers Terminology, AC and Realm Reality to release “Glamour Life 2010,” which is a tribute to his father’s original 1998 track, which featured Terror Squad members Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Triple Seis and Armaggedon. “Glamour Life 2010” features a voice intro from Big Pun himself, while Baby Pun raps about his deceased father, delivering a verse that sounds strikingly similar to his dad's flow. “Baby Pun loves his father and wanted to follow his footsteps,” Baby Pun‘s mom Lisa Rios said of her son on “It’s just really crazy seeing Baby Pun because he looks just like his dad. He doesn’t try to be his pops, he just naturally is.” Big Pun grew up in the South Bronx. He made his debut as a solo rapper in 1993, on The Beatnuts’ track “Off The Books.” By 1995, he had linked with Fat Joe and appeared on Joe's second album, Jealous Ones Envy. Three years later, in 1998, Pun released his classic album Capital Punishment, which contained the classic Hip-Hop single "Still Not A Player." The album was also LP by a solo Latino artist to strike platinum. Big Pun, 28, died just months before his second album, Yeeeah Baby was released. He could not gain control over his weight issues, even after ballooning to over 500 pounds and several attempted interventions from family and friends. Yeeeah Baby hit #3 on Billboard’s Top 200 upon its release and has since sold over a million copies. In addition to Yeeeah Baby, a posthumous album, Endangered Species and two controversial documentaries, Still Not a Player and Big Pun: The Legacy have been released.On February 14th, DJ Soul will drop a Big Pun tribute mixtape, which will feature rarities, classic tracks and new remixes produced by Buckwild, Green Lantern, Sean C & LV (Grind Music).