Baby, Rev Run & Others Honored At Sister 2 Sister's Intergenerational Celebration

Sister 2 Sister

Magazine will hold it's 5th Annual Intergenerational Celebration, which pairs

hip-hop and R&B singers with various politicians from across the country

and honors those that contribute to African-American culture.

DC Mayor Anthony

Williams; Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY); Baby of Cash Money, Angie Stone,

Congresswoman Carolyn Kilpatrick (D-MI); Reverend Run from Run DMC; gospel group

Virtue and FUBU executives Keith Perrin, Daymond John, Carl Brown and J. Alexander

Martin, Executive Vice President of FUBU will attend the event.

"Our goal

is to bridge the gap between the baby-boomer and hip-hop generations,"

said Sister 2 Sister's owner Jamie Foster Brown said. "As a mother of two

hip-hop generation sons, I've seen first hand the communication gap that can

emerge between the generations. That gap can represent a missed opportunity

to reach our young people and focus in on important issues that our young people

deal with."

The luncheon and

awards ceremony will be hosted by radio personality Russ Parr and Jay Cooper,

formerly of BET's Teen Summit.

The event is scheduled

to kick off with an invocation by Reverend Run and will wrap up with a performance

by Angie Stone.

"I will never

forget being paired with Queen Latifah," Congresswoman and participant

Maxine Waters said. "It

opened my eyes to the way many of our young people experience society today,

and it was especially eye-opening to see the influence someone like Queen has

on today's youth."