Bad Ideas In Hip-Hop : The White Boys

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As a Hip-Hop junkie that has never once considered detox, I have to admit that Hip-Hop has been subject to mountains and mountains of Bad Ideas. That is the theme of this new column that examines this re-occurring theme with rap.

Hip-Hop is no different than than other genres, which have seen a number of bad ideas. But, Hip-Hop's approach to things has been different. Hell, we even created a word for bad ideas called "wack."

A bad idea isn't always wack, but generally it is. When the White Boys were released on the world in the year 1988, the virus known as Hip-Hop was spreading like a brush fire. The White Boy were likely heavily influenced by their Queens brethren Run DMC as much of their debut, ...On A Mission, offered sentiments of hard rock melded with Hip-Hop. They also had mullet hairdos and cheap-looking biker coats, an overt effort to say "these dudes are the real rock rap deal." These guys were like a bad version of the Beastie Boys, who were ill as rappers and as artists.

And then there was their lyrical content...oh, yes...their lyrical content. Check out their single, "This Is Hardcore...Is It NOT?"

Were The White Boys terrible? Yes. Where they culture vultures? Not necessarily. They were probably like every other person in America that attempted rap. They were just early to the market and as unskillful as your Youtube regular in 2009. Check this one out, where they proclaim "I'm wearing gold Converse and my rhymes are self-made.":

Lastly, there is "Coolin' In The Crib," and obvious bite off of songs like "Slow And Low" by the Beastie Boys.

"Lots of people go to clubs, chill around the way?but the crib is the place that I like to stay?I got a microwave oven, big screen TV?steam room, sauna bath, water b-e-d?a wall full of medals from the battles I've won?and a golden microphone shinin' bright as the sun?cordless telephone, answering machine?with the pre-recorded rhyme that sounds real mean?says: 'I'm sorry, but the White Boys aren't in?Leave a message at the tone or call again?and if you really wanna see us come where we live?you'll find us coolin' in the crib'"

Sadly, Youtube didn't have this gem. The White Boys, just another Bad Idea in Hip-Hop.

Illseed is a cultural critic and rumor guru for We hope he can continue to provide these Bad Ideas on a weekly basis.

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Mike Dick
Mike Dick

Funny shit is that Marley Marl produces a track on this album. 🤣