Ball With Biv: Celtics... Tested?

First of all, with the Celtics right now, I think people are

really coming at them. It showed in some of the games in the past few weeks. In

the Lakers game, Kevin Garnett got the elbow - he got the hit on the head. Then

Lamar Odom gave Ray Allen that hit. You know they were testing them, and we need to be tested. It

ain’t gonna be easy winning no NBA championship. So whatever battle you could

get in and come out with a “W” - especially against a team like the Lakers – it’s

all to the good.

Speaking of the Lakers, what about those shorts? I think we

went past that era, so there must be somebody that they all really respect and

love to convince them to play the first half in those shorts. I’m curious to know

who that person was...

But I think Boston

came ready. There is so much history and tradition with that battle; you can’t

be anything but serious when you go to L.A. You got the celebrities sitting

right there, everybody has been waiting to see how they play on the West Coast,

so they just wanted to deliver. I think Paul Pierce was in his hood, and he

wanted to let everyone know, “The Lakers are from L.A., but I’m from Inglewood.”

He had an Inglewood

swagger - I think he took over in that game.

And how about Tony Allen? Last year when the Celtics were

holding on, I told my man Chiz, “I love the kid Tony Allen, he got game like

the cat from the neighborhood. But he got himself hurt. The day I interviewed

the Big Three, I stuck my head in the training room, and he was on the table

getting taped up and I told him, “Tony I just wanted to tell you something. I

thought last year you was the man. I just want you to get confidence in your

knee. Because when you are flying in the air, you are giving the Celtics a

whole 'nother athletic look.”

It was funny, that announcer on TV was like, “This is a

coming out party for Tony Allen.” No that ain’t a coming out party, he’s always

been there the whole time. It frustrates me that I can’t be on TV sometimes,

countering what someone else is saying. I wanted to be like, “Money, how are you

gonna just realize he’s got game? Come on man, where’ve you been? What style of

ball do you watch?” You know the NBA is young and Hip-Hop. That kid got Hip-Hop

game - he’s the only kid on our team that flies like that.

The win against the Pistons was also big. What team out of

the East since the ‘90s didn’t have to see Detroit. Detroit helped create Michael Jordan. That

put Mike and Scottie in the gym because they kept getting’ knocked on their

asses all the time. So if we got to go see the Pistons to get where we got to

go, then it’s the best thing for them.

I liked seeing Big Baby do his thing. He is a big favorite

in Boston and I

am happy that Doc is letting Big Baby play because he’s there for a reason –

the kid got game. If he’s sitting on the bench, you can’t appreciate his game,

and he ain’t scared.

Hopefully he, Tony Allen and the rest of the Celtics will

keep it going against the Blazers next week. That’s a young boy’s game. It goes

back to last week’s column, where I talked about the resurgence of Portland, L.A. and Boston. It just feels good to know that Roy is coming into town

and Aldridge and they still don’t got the big boy Oden, who is hurt. It just

says a lot about where they are. But I think it starts with the coach, man. You

know, I think Nate McMillan has brought all of that together, and it shouldn’t

go unnoticed.

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