Ball With Biv: Fair Trade For Cassell?

It’s been a big week for the

Celtics. They’re saying that the Sam Cassell deal could go down Monday night, which

means he could be playing on Wednesday against the Detroit Pistons – a game

which I’ll be at myself.

It’s definitely exciting.

Putting in a veteran point guard like Cassell will help the Celtics, and will

protect them in the playoffs. But at the same time, I honestly think that Rondo

has done a great job, and we wouldn’t be number one in the Eastern Conference

without him.

It’s upsetting when people

try to put him down as if he wasn’t going to have enough game to us through the

playoffs. But I’m a little biased.

I just hope that the

chemistry is right, and Sam comes in and he fits in where he needs to fit. They

still have to keep the same system that got them that far.

There are a lot of trades

that have gone on lately. I think a lot of teams have noticed what the Celtics

did this summer with the trades with Garnett and Allen. I mean, with Shaq to

Phoenix, the Lakers getting Pau Gasol, Dallas making a trade for Jason Kidd - I

think that everybody realized big trades were the new thing.

I think every team has done a

great job with the trade they received. It’s a great trade when both teams

benefit. Only one I don’t think benefited was Memphis.

Aside from going to the

Celtics game on Wednesday, I’m gonna do some more work for TNT Overtime. I’m bout to go into my hood

into the Roxbury YMCA. I’m gonna gather some of the basketball junkies and the different

ball players that I came up with that are still active in the sport, and big

fans of the Celtics that just like to talk smack.

I am bringing the cameras in

to have a roundtable discussion to just talk to the average basketball junkie

from my neighborhood, so people from around the country can get a perspective

of a Bostonian point of view about how we feel about ball.

Boston has some ball players.

But you know, we need to put a few more cats in the NBA besides Patrick Ewing,

Rumeal Robinson and Will Blalock. We just need to put more people in the league

that can make it from Boston and then we’ll be able to get our New York,

Chicago stripes.

But the thing I like about Boston

ball is we got heart, and we got our street ballers and our basketball leagues.

It’s a nice feel for the game there. And that’s where I come in. I do my Biv 25

K Basketball Tournament in the summer time. We get players from L.A., Texas, Houston,

Chicago, Detroit, Philly and New York.

I bring the ballers up there

and do a one-day tournament for $25,000 cash and it allows Boston players to

show their talent against other cities. And it also shows other cities that Boston’s

got talent too.

That is my job as a

basketball fan - to bring the spotlight, bring the cameras to my city so I can

help give the city some shine.