Ball With Biv: LeBron, Cuban, Miller & More

What up y’all!

December 27 was special, man. We caught a flight out

of Boston on Wednesday and came into Dallas for the Mavericks/Cavs game. This

morning, I went over to the shoot around and caught LeBron James in the hallway

where we did a nice piece for the Overtime

show. He doesn’t do interviews on game day. But his man and his publicist

worked it out where we could get an interview…you know that is just how Mike

Biv can do. Ha ha!

You know what though? It looks like when he does his

interviews he’s really [about] business. But he was able to smile and laugh

when I was speaking to him. I think that was a good sign that one: he didn’t

feel like he wanted to hurry and get it over with. And two: I find once you get

to know him or he feels comfortable to open up to you, then that’s when you get

the real LeBron.

After that, I went over to talk to some of the Mavericks. I

was able to talk to Jerry Stackhouse and Jason Terry. But the big fish of the

day was Mark Cuban. Mark is very informative, real cool, real down to earth. He

told me that I reminded him of Diddy, the way I was dressed.

He said, “Man you remind me of Diddy with your suits looking

sharp.” I said, “We do MTV together.” He said, “I can see!” And then he just

went into this whole thing about the reason he is the type of owner he is and

how he feels about his organization. You know he’s just a different kind of

owner - he’s the Generation X owner.

We got a lot of good things and went around the city and shot

some more intros to the show - you know the segment comes on and have a little

opening. So it was a real good trip. My producers [at TNT Overtime] are all happy that we

were able to catch all the big fish with no problems.

The game itself was great. The Mavericks tried to make a run

at the end, but it just didn’t happen. The LeBron dunk at the end of the game

kind of nailed it. He’s just a monster, I’d hate to be on the receiving end of

one of his dunks. After the game I ran into Reggie Miller. I was just asking

him if he thought the Celtics could come out of the East, and he said, “Yeah.”

We also talked about how the game Sunday against the Lakers will be a good

indication on where [the Celtics] are right now.

The Lakers are doing their thing right now. On Christmas, I

caught a little of the Lakers/Suns game, but missed most of it because I was

tending to my young daughter. But I did see that [Trevor] Ariza dunk though! I

smacked my cousin who was sleeping and I was like, “You just missed it, this

kid just flew in the air like Jordan.”

It just feels good to see that the bench of the Lakers is

coming to life and it just brought back the old days. It just seems like

there’s a resurgence of the old teams that are starting to come back. And with

Portland playing so well, it takes you back to the late ‘70s with Bill Walton.

You got the Celtics, you got the Lakers, you got Portland. You got these new stars that are

bringing back old tradition.

Anyway, take care and talk to y’all next week. Peace and

love from Michael Bivins and The Sportyrich Family.

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