Ball With Biv: MVP, Sweet 16 and Big Baby

Last week, my Big Baby feature for TNT Overtime ran. I really like Big Baby, I think he should play more.

You know, if you give him a little more minutes, he’s gonna be a beast.

Here is a guy who comes off the bench, that’s a fan favorite

inside the Garden. His energy and attitude towards the interview and everything

was great - you can tell he was enjoying himself.

He does not have the superstar attitude - he was very down

to earth. It felt good - I think our interview went well and I enjoyed doing it


With the MVP thing, I mean it’s kind of hard to say. The Celtics

went from being talked bad about every night on all the sports talk shows to the

first place team in the East. Then you have a team like New Orleans that’s being led by a point guard

in Paul.

Then you have Kobe, who they said didn’t want to be a Laker,

whose team is now flip-flopping with New Orleans for the top spot in the West.

So what do you base the MVP on? They’ve all turned their

franchises around. It’s just a popularity contest because they’re all

deserving, so what are you going to do? It becomes the coaches, writers or

voters like the most.

Everybody knows its tournament time right now in college

basketball. Over the years, my teams have varied. I went from DePaul in the early

‘80s. I also liked the Georgetown era when they had Sleepy Floyd.

I never got down with Duke, but I did like Michigan with

Chris Webber and the Fab 5. And UNLV, when they had Tark running it. But I

never really been binded by one particular team, but more so the players.

Even though I was traveling a lot, I still caught a few tournament

games. I saw the Davidson game with the young Curry kid.

What bothers me about Dick Vitale and the other people who

supposed to tell the world who are the diaper dandies and who’s the All Americans

and all this preseason sh*t, is that the ones that got all the damn hype ain’t

the ones that are ballin’ the hardest.

But once someone breaks out like Curry, now everyone on the

bandwagon, but the kid’s probably had game the whole time. That’s why I like

[writing] this, because we can keep it real with readers as opposed to the same

people running their mouths and overlooking other players who aren’t All Americans,

but have All American games.

I always said look out for Monta Ellis, and he prevailed. I

also said Deron Williams would prevail. Rondo is someone I said all year was

gonna break out. I feel like when Sam was coming in that they were going to

change systems, but it seemed he took a turn and took his game up another notch.

My thing is, I just feel that the point guards in the

playoffs will be the difference on who wins.

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