Ball With Biv: Never Scared! Playoffs Begin

I just came home from a big concert at the Gibson

Amphitheatre in Los Angeles

with Biz Markee, MC Lyte, Bell Biv DeVoe, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh and

Slick Rick. A lot of us were just talking about ball backstage, and people were

all up on what I’ve been doing for and and TNT Overtime.

It feels good to be amongst entertainers that are into rap

to know that they’re sports fans and stuff like that!

Right now, I’m going into Boston to do more Overtime features during Game 2 of the Boston/Atlanta series.

I think the perspective that I want to go with now is trying

to get it from a fan’s point of view, because I’ve done a lot of the ball

player type interviews and they’re being interviewed all over right now, so now

I’m gonna try to do things in the front of the arena.

I’m gonna go to like the concession stands and get the

perspective on what the fans are feeling and how they’re feeling it. That way,

the regular person can get some shine. And if I get the opportunity to grab a

ball player at the right moment, then we’ll get those too, but we’re just gonna

try to take it somewhere else so my segments are not looking like someone

else’s segments.

The city of Boston

is looking really green and white this time of year. I mean, the building is rockin'

with a lot of T-shirts and a lot of paraphernalia and merchandise that is being

sold. It’s just a good time in our city man, because Boston is a town for

sports. It’s just taking people back to back in the day – except that the ball

players are more Black.

As for the rest of the League, I told everybody don’t sleep

on Philadelphia.

I was in the airport the other night watching the first half of the Philly

game, and me and this cat were talking and I said, “You got to remember, there

is no pressure on Philly, there’s pressure on Detroit!”

Detroit is a great team, but I don’t think Philly’s gonna

lay down. And then when I got off the plane and found out they won Game 1, I

was like wow. Going into Detroit

and stealing one says a lot about the coach Cheeks and Iguodala and the other

the players that stepped up - it was probably the upset of the weekend.

I also caught the San

Antonio game. Shaq should have pushed Boris Diaw in

his chest. Boris is too big and too strong to be going down doing a damn finger

roll with the game on the line. You go down and you put your sneaker in Tim

Duncan’s face and let him know Phoenix

is in the building. You go down there and you bang that ball in the rim so hard,

it hurts your wrist.

Look at it, he did a fade away jumper that failed and he did

a miss layup that failed. Those were crucial shots!

I think the Spurs are a little overrated. The Lakers ain’t

scared, and I know the Celtics ain’t scared and Detroit ain’t scared - and

that’s all that is. Phoenix

could have won game one…Diaw choked.

No big man in the NBA making millions of dollars should be

going down the middle laying the ball up with the game on the line! Check out Michael

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