Ball With Biv: The Introduction

What up sports world!

This is Michael Bivins getting back at you on a weekly basis. Right now I’m back in Miami. As a matter of fact, I just got off the plane [Sunday, Dec. 16], coming from Denver. Bell Biv DeVoe (BBD) we had a concert there last night, so now I got to swing back into Making the Band mode from BBD.

I was with the Making the Band guys last Thursday, we had a really good time. I went over to the house there – a very beautiful house in Miami. They are recording two or three records a day and they are trying to have an album up by March. This season, I’m playing the same role that I played last year - just in terms of talking to them, giving them the ear, you know, just making sure there is no stress at the table. I just try to keep them loose so they have a good time recording and stay focused on the work.

As far as my TNT feature goes, I’ve just been talking to the people over there at TNT, trying to prepare for NBA All-Star. I guess there might be some things goin’ on where we take the show to New Orleans and come up with some features and see what type of iced out moments we’re going to capture… stuff like that. We also talked about the January schedule, in terms of the teams who I might come see and who I might interview.

What segment are they going to use this week? I don’t know... it could a KG solo, it could be on the Celtic dancers, or it could be on [Rajon] Rondo. It depends on how Drew, my editor and producer [of Overtime], is feeling it. Speaking of Rondo, he’s been playing great. He sets the tone, and I think that people had him under radar. He’s smooth and he’s got that move where he cocks that ball behind his back, fakes you out. You go one way, he goes the other. He said he’s been working on that since he was a kid, so it’s a patent move that he does.

I like [Rondo], he’s really mild mannered, laid back, very open, gave me a lot of information. We rolled in his truck together and he opened up. He’s very aware of what people are saying and what’s going on, but at the end of the day, he handles it like a true professional. He’s on a mission to keep them victory happy and keep making noise running the point.

There is also been talk this week about Jason Kidd maybe being traded. If Jason goes to the Mavericks, it will just open up the Atlantic division. Jason Kidd is the catalyst to that New Jersey offense, and if he is out of that Atlantic Conference, then it just helps the Celtics move a little closer towards that Eastern Conference - because last time we played Jersey in the playoffs they beat us. We want to redeem ourselves playing them, and if he’s not there, it will make it a little easier. You don’t want to under estimate Jersey at all.

[Another] thing that [has] caught my eye [is] Monta Ellis, the kid out of Golden State – he’s nice. As for my Patriots, I couldn’t see the game today, I was on the plane, but we’re just looking invincible…it’s scary. Anyway that’s it for now, keep checkin in on my blog here and my TNT Overtime feature.

Happy Holidays from Michael Bivins and The Sportyrich Family, and I’ll talk to you next week!

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