Bang 'Em Smurf Aligns With Suge Knight

The rumor mill worked overtime when reports circulated

that Bang ‘Em Smurf and Domination (Silverback Guerillaz) were signing to

Death Row Records. However, those reports have been somewhat misconstrued, according

to the Smurf.

“When they mean sign, I signed a distribution

deal – not like an artist deal or nothin’. Gangta Flip Records signed

through Koch and Tha Row,” Bang ‘Em Smurf told

“I’m running my company.” Smurf

affirmed, when asked about the influence of Death Row. “Where Suge [Knight]

comes in, him and Alan Grunblatt [Executive Vice President of KOCH Records],

is business partners. So he’s been looking for some New York cats that

got street credibility. And you know, I’m going at the same people [that]

he got drama with, that’s how [Suge] got involved,” Smurf added.

In addition, Smurf said that an association with

Suge would help him clear a posthumous song recorded with Tupac Shakur.

However, while Suge Knight and Bang ‘Em

Smurf may share mutual disdain for 50 Cent and his associations, don’t

expect a war on wax.

Of the street predictions, Smurf stated, “Everybody

think it’s gonna be goin’ at 50. Nope! We’re not even thinking

about [him]. We’re making music now. The mixtapes, that’s cool. But

the album, we are capturing reality, what we go through in life, songs about

[mothers], hood music.”

Good Giveth and God Taketh Away will be

released in late Summer, although fans can expect a video in the near future.

On (May 14), Smurf held a free concert/party

in honor of slain Lost Boyz member Freaky Tah. Tah is cousins with Domination,

Smurf’s partner in the Silverback Guerillaz.