Bang'Em Smurf Explains 50 Cent Incident

Bang 'Em Smurf, once a member of 50 Cent's G-Unit

crew, shed light on an incident in which 50 Cent was accused of threatening

gun play. The incident occurred last week in Queens, New

York, at a video shoot for GF Records.

"I was in the trailer [when he came] and

somebody told me 'I think 50 road by but I wasn't sure, because he had tint

[on his windows],'" Smurf, CEO of GF Records told "I

got hype like, 'What? Son is coming through my sh*t?' I thought he was trying

to shut my sh*t down."After making eye contact, Smurf said 50 Cent

jumped out of the first of two vans and claims the rapper was traveling with police and a security detail."I'm thinking, 'What does this dude think

he is - George Bush or something?' I'm like, 'Son, you not the president,'" Smurf said.Smurf said that 50 Cent issued no threats, as

was previously reported."All he said was, 'What are you thinking

about?' It was like 500 people out there for my video shoot," Smurf continued.

"Everybody out there shouting Guerilla Gang. [50] took his loss like a

man. He turned around, jumped in his van and left. Police left with him, jumped

in their van and left."The incident is the latest in an on going dispute,

both verbal and physical.Smurf has attacked 50 Cent in print magazine

and accused the multi-platinum rapper of abandoning him while he was incarcerated.The dispute became physical when Silverback Guerilla

group member Fredro Starr, also a member of Onyx, tangled with 50 Cent backstage

at the Vibe Awards."It was an altercation. I can't really speak

on that because it's a legal thing," Fredro told in December.

"It was an incident that happened between me and Curtis Jackson. Its been

a rivalry since he started talking about Sticky Fingaz."