Bang Em Smurf: Mazaradi Fox’s Death Was The Best Birthday Gift

Time either heals all wounds or we’re living in a different time, because former G-Unit affiliate shared some disparaging remarks on the death of former rival, Mazaradi Fox.

(AllHipHop News) Fox and Smurf’s rift dates back to 2009 and in a statement obtained by HipHopDX, Smurf admits to never meeting Fox in person but taking offense to some of his remarks:

Never met the old n*gga. Don’t know him, but he was disrespectin’ me and Domination over the ‘Net. That’s what sparked the feud. I take disrespect from no one and he spoke on my kids rydin’ 50 [Cent]’s dick, tryn’ to get a deal. Funny shit is he died on my birthday. Best gift of my life. Free Domination.

Prior to the statement, Fox voiced his disdain for Fox on his personal Twitter account even after news of his death had surfaced: