Bang 'Em Smurf Prepares New Mixtape "Black Listed"; Speaks On Young Buck/MMG

Maybach Music's Bang 'Em Smurfis preparing for the release of his upcoming mixtape Black Listed, which is due in stores next month.

The mixtape is 80% finished, as Bang 'Em Smurf awaits vocal tracks from a few artists within the Maybach Music camp.

"Everything their touching [MMG] right now is crack," Bang 'Em Smurf told "They started a whole new front line so he has to get his boys poppin. That's how they get their name out there and the buzz bigger. Ross a smart ni**a I see what he's doing, [since] I been around the best of them."

Bang 'Em Smurf was once a childhood friend and member of 50 Cent's famed G-Unit brand, but was ostracized from the group around 2003, just as new members like Game and Young Buck joined the camp.

Like both Game and Young Buck, Bang 'Em Smurf had a nasty, public falling out with 50 Cent and his crew in 2005.

In 2008 after various legal issues, Bang Em' Smurf was deported to Trinidad, where he eventually established a strong connection with Rick Ross, 50 Cent's bitter rival.

Bang 'Em Smurf addressed rumors floating around that Young Buck might join Maybach Music, after his legal issues with G-Unit are resolved.

"Buck never disrespected me and I havent disrecpected him since I been outta jail," Bang 'Em Smurf told "I got love for Buck. Buck a real nigga and I'll tell you that, cause when I was on the road with G-Unit that's who I used to f**k with. Me and Buck did alot of things together, I didn't feel no way cause he didn't disrespect me."

Bang 'Em Smurf recently released two cuts off the Black Listed: "Fast Lane" and "This Lifetime."

Black Listed is set for a March 13 release date.

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