Bang 'Em Smurf Sentenced To 3 1/2 Years

Former G-Unit member

Bang ‘Em Smurf is behind bars, jailed on charges from the incident that

he claims sparked his feud with 50 Cent.

Smurf is serving

a 3 ½ year term due to gun charges that stemmed from a neighborhood beef

that resulted in a shootout.

“I was in

my hood one day - that's when 50 had kicked us off the road [from touring],”

Smurf revealed to “That's when I first started working

with Domination. I had a mixtape with Domination, and I'm on the block and my

homie got a situation, and this dude he had a problem with knocked him out.

Laid him flat out in front of me, and that's my dude. So we did what we did.

Dudes we got in the conflict with kept it gutter. They got hit up, they didn't

say nothing - they didn't go to no hospital in Queens. I respect their gangsta.”

It was around this time that Smurf alleges 50 Cent stopped communicating

with him, resulting in a verbal feud between the two men.

The timing is bad

for Smurf, who signed his GF Records to a deal with Koch and was preparing to

release an album in September. That plan has been abandoned and Smurf said that

his album will not hit stores until October.

“Me being

in jail is going to help us out even more,” Smurf said optimistically.

“That's what I think. And I get to see who my real [friends] are. DJ Domination

is about his business - he's gonna grind. I'm real confident.”

Additionally, Smurf

said that he would use his time behind bars wisely and would get his G.E.D.

“Three years,

I ain't mad at that,” Smurf said. “I can do that. I can get my business

mind [right] for real, for real now. Read some books, get my GED, take some

other courses. People can write to me - it's all good, but they gotta wait til

I get situated upstate. I'm still up here on the boat.”

Fans can keep up

with Bang ‘Em Smurf during his incarceration, buy checking out their official

sites, and