Battle Over 'Diddy' Name Continues In London Court

The battle over

the name "Diddy" continues, as London-based producer Richard "Diddy"

Dearlove has accused Sean "Diddy" Combs of breaching an earlier agreement

that stopped Combs from using the moniker in the United Kingdom. According

to the Associated Press, Dearlove filed a lawsuit in High Court in London

today (Feb. 1) claiming that Combs is in breach of an agreement struck on Sept.

5, 2006, in which the Royal Courts of Justice in London, ended the dispute between

the producer and Combs over the use of the mark “Diddy” within the United

Kingdom. Combs

was ordered to pay Dearlove significant damages, all of his costs of the litigation,

and Combs was barred from using the moniker in the United Kingdom.He

claims that Combs is in breach of the agreement because Combs is still using the

"Diddy" moniker on his page and his YouTube channel.Combs

had already directed British users that visited to another website

that did not use the "Diddy" namesake, but Dearlove's lawyer said that

Combs was not able to do the same thing with websites like MySpace, where his

profile has been viewed nearly 10 million times. "We

want him either to use a neutral name like P. Diddy or to shut them down,"

Dearlove's lawyer Iain Purvis told The Associated Press. "It may be

tough for him, but that is just unfortunate. He has made his bed, he should lie

in it."Dearlove

is seeking an injunction to prevent Combs from using the name on the popular websites.

Dearlove may also seek damages. Dearlove

has produced singles for Blondie, Ultranate, Dolly Parton, Sugababes under the

name "Diddy."