Beanie/Jadakiss Beef Flares Up in Philly

The beef between Beanie Sigel and Jadakiss just will not go awayas battle ensued on Sigel’s Philly homefront. At the annual Powerhouse concert, which is sponsored by Philadelphia's WUSL Power 99 FM, Jada incensed the crowd by launching verses at Philly's hometown hero. Jada performed after sets by Mr. Cheeks, Fabolous and Noreaga. After some crowd participation, it appeared that Kiss had won the Philly crowd over.

However, once Kiss then broke into a freestyle aiming lines at Beans, old wounds were made fresh again.

Jadakiss says:

"Send Sigel a wire that I'm ridin' again/We getting’ it on/throw your mans leg on the lawn/he cant walk/put your brothers tongue in the mail/he can't talk/kissin’ the ring or kissin’ the dirt/I’m in the back of the limo liftin’ his skirt/rippin’ your earth/blowin’ weed in a corona deluxe/phony niggas wanna roll in the truck but they don’t know what was up/fuckin’ with killas we fucking with scrillas/im the prince of the hood, I’m the one who wrote the criminal pillars."

According to witnesses, the crowd began to boo when they realized Beans was being dissed. As Kiss continued the jeers got louder and, according to witnesses, a rain of everything from Water bottles to car keys pelted the stage.

After Kiss exited the stage, an out of breath Beanie Sigel made an appearance. Apparently, Sigel was notified of the diss and made it to the stage as Kiss was leaving.

Sigel says:

"I’ma do this right...(shhhh)...I’m thinkin’ about fucking his mom and lettin’ him watch/I’m takin his time I’m takin’ his watch/I’m takin’ his grime, putting five 8's on his block/ He a bitch without the pocket book and the ring/how you talk that Pac shit and you rolled with big/ I thought that chump blew trees with em, pushed V's with em,

Couldn’t wait to go on tours across seas with ‘em/ look it here, why this nigga took it here, I earned my spot/ Jay had to put me there I burnt his block gasoline sent in the air the burn of the glock, fifty shots sittin’ in there, now picture if I splatter his mask…Sheik will be happy, P will be a sad, bitch…His reign on the top be short like leprechauns/as I crush his weak rap flow like Cappadons/getting’ his ass and I still fast on Ramada/ I’ll still rock his bells like L I’ma phenomenon....

Check out the two freestyles in Real Audio:

Beanie Sigel

Jada Kiss