Beanie Joins G-Unit: 'I'm Putting My Foot On His Neck'

AllHipHop Staff

50 Cent’s efforts to support former Roc-a-Fella Records artist Beanie Sigel seem to have resulted in a deal to bring the Broad Street Bully to G-Unit Records.

Both artists confirmed the move during a private screening of 50’s directorial debut, Before I Self Destruct on Tuesday evening (November 3) in Philadelphia.

The presentation was hosted by Power 99 (WUSL-FM), which allowed fans the opportunity to win tickets to the screening .

Sigel joined 50 towards the end of an on-air interview with “The Hot Boyz” Mikey Dredd and Uncle O, leading to a candid ten minute conversation.

During the interview, 50 and Beans revealed that “Beans is coming to G-Unit,” with no additional details as to how soon the new partnership might yield an album or single.

The interview also presented a chance for Sigel to respond to Jay-Z’s reaction to “Average Cat.”

“People think that I’m just speaking out because I’m in the position that I am and I ain’t put no music out. Let’s go to Jay-Z’s rebuttal about the complaints of Beanie Sigel: the two Bentleys that I obtained, Jay-Z had nothing to do with that. That was a car from Damon Dash and from Kareem Burke.”

He goes on to explain that the car was given to him after a conversation between Dame and others revealed that Dash was in fact the owner and driver of the Bentley, at which point he no longer wanted to be seen driving the vehicle.

The other Bentley was given to him as a birthday present by Burkes, leaving him to pay the remaining balance on the car note.

“So, Beanie Sigel was driving around to Bentleys and had to pay $5100 a month. It’s not like you helped me attain all this wealth and gave me the two Bentleys. You didn’t give me a record label. It only cost a couple hundred dollars to search the name ‘State Property Records,’ nobody owned it; I think I paid another couple hundred dollars and I patented the LLC. So my record label only cost me $750, to say on a piece of paper that I own State Property Records, LLC. I did that on my own, you didn’t give me that. And what artists was on that label?”

Beans reveals that he was only a 20% partner in the State Property clothing line, with Jay-Z, Dame Dash and their Rocawear partners owning the rest.

Sigel had presented the idea to Dash as their relationship drew strength based on the rift between Jay and Dame, he says.

Even though he revealed that Damon Dash allegedly went behind his back and sabotaged State Property’s clothing product, Sigel admonished Jay-Z for what he refers to as continued unnecessary jabs at a man he’s clearly defeated.

“Take me out, Dame and Biggs were your mans from day one. If he [Dame] was messing up the money y’all should’ve been able to straighten that out. Whatever the gripe, you took everything from him already,” Sigel argued. “You took the clothing line, the record label, he has nothing. Now he’s going through financial difficulties. Then he loses his wife and gets a divorce. You feel that comfortable on a record to say ‘Lucky Lefty, kiss the wife goodnight for me.?’ You already killed the man, he’s dead already! Now you’re going to stand over top of him and urinate on him and stomp on him? You can do that? I got something to say about that."

On whether to expect more diss records, Sigel made it clear he would continue to go at Jay lyrically until he gets a response, and predicted he has the skill set to emerge vuictorious.

“He's a crumb. I’m putting my foot on his neck ‘til he responds. Please make a record, ‘cause a week been out dog,” he taunted.

“Not taking nothing from Jay as an artist. All I’m saying is I ain’t gotta jog to keep up with him. Watch what I do next,” Beans said as he did the signature G-Unit stuttering proclamation.

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