Beanie Sigel and 50 Cent to Debut New Track This Friday

AllHipHop Staff

The first official music pairing of 50 Cent and Beanie Sigel called “I Go Off” will debut this Friday (November 13) on

Utilizing the Friday the 13th movie franchise logo, the promo artwork features 50 and Beans doing a faceoff with the tagline “The Nightmare Begins.”

Last week, Sigel and 50 made an appearance on Philly’s Power 99 station to explain their partnership.


the interview, Sigel verified his signing with G Unit, and his

intentions to continue more diss records like “Average Cat” to his

former mentor Jay-Z.

“He's a crumb. I’m putting my

foot on his neck ‘til he responds. Please make a record, ‘cause a week

been out dog,” Sigel stated. “Not taking nothing from Jay as an artist. All I’m saying is I ain’t gotta jog to keep up with him. Watch what I do next.”

Since the interview, there has been no official confirmation if Beanie Sigel is legally signed to G Unit Records.

At press time, neither 50 Cent or Beanie have revealed if the new “I Got Off” track will address the Jay-Z situation further.