Beanie Sigel Busted For Weed

AllHipHop Staff

Philly rapper Beanie Sigel was arrested in a New Jersey suburb on Sunday (August 15), after police stopped a car he was traveling in and found a stash of marijuana.

Sigel, born Dwight Grant, was stopped in Wrightstown, New Jersey shortly after 12:30 AM, according to New Jersey Stat police.

The rapper was supposed to perform at a private event at Kelly’s Bar, which is owned by local councilman Scott Timberman.

According to the Burlington County Times , Sigel and two other men in the vehicle were charged with marijuana possession under 50 Grams and released.

Sigel, 35, was forced to cancel the performance due to the arrest as well.

In related news, Beanie Sigel is working on a new album titled The Broad Street Bully, which currently has a tentative release date of September 1.