Beanie Sigel Exposes Writing For OMelly And Roots Of Meek Mill Beef



(AllHipHop News) The Beanie Sigel and Meek Mill beef has spiraled out of control, peaking with a physical assault of the rap legend. Now, Sigel is talking at length about the extend of his issues with Meek and crew.

“Once I heard they were making their diss record to Game. I said ‘Aiiight, this is how I’ma get Meek to feel comfortable to be around me. This is how I’ma get him. I go there. I didn’t write Omelly first verse. I didn’t write all of his second verse. But the majority of it…that’s facts. Nas is playing games, lying and saying I ain’t write that sht. Stand up for the other brothers was in the room who know that. Stop being cowards and stand the fk up. Tell the truth, n***as! ‘Cause what don’t come out in the way, gonna come out in the rinse. Facts.”

Beanie also stated that he was in the booth giving lyrics to Meek Mill and he explained how he and The Game managed to quell their beef. The Game even says that his approach to beef was influenced by the Philly rappers beef with The Lox.

"Everybody was for you cuz. It was at a time when niggas rooted for Meek," Beanie stated as he continued. "Now it's to the point where your fuckery is becoming transparent. Now you at a place where n***as is saying man you misrepresenting Philadelphia... You want the respect that I got but you can't, you gotta earn it. You argue with people in your comments to the point where you worry about what the peanut gallery got to say and not worry about what the thoroughbreds think about you. Fuck the peanut gallery."

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