Beanie Sigel Gives Great News About Freeway!

Freeway has had some serious health issues, but he may have a major breakthrough.

(AllHipHop News) Freeway has been ailing tremendously since he suffered kidney failure in 2016, but the rapper has just received the most positive since his diagnosis.

Beanie Sigel, his long term friend and fellow Roc-A-Fella brethren, delivered the good news on Instagram.

"Please pray for my bother@phillyfreewayjust received great news that a possible compatible kidney was found.. Allah is Ahkbar! If it’s not compatible at least he’s receiving calls now.. By Allah if my body wasn’t torn to pieces by years of miss treatment and bullets I would’ve been first on the list.. I truly want for my brother what I want for myself.. I love you free for the sake of Allah & then for my own selfish reasons... May Allah have mercy on you and grant you success in this life and there after, Ameen..#prayforfree"

Freeway delivered a message as well stating, "I love you bro"