Beanie Sigel Launches Clothing Line

Beanie Sigel has launched his own line of clothing,

State Property Wear, which distinguishes itself from other brands with hidden

pockets and gun holsters. Sigel says his line will be the hottest Urban wear

since Levi's and described it as "hard everyday wear."

"You know how you put your gun in your waistline

and you gotta worry about it slipping? With these clothes, you don't got to

worry about that. It's already in there," Sigel told

Sigel claimed that his clothing would aid the

street cat that gets searched on the block.

"You ever been on the block and everybody

was like hustling and you had your pack stashed in a phone booth or something

like that and you got to go get to it? With these clothes you don't have to

worry about going to the phone booth and all that," he said.

"Then you can stand there and don't worry

about having to run from the police neither, because State Property can stand

the search."

"[The clothing] has all kinds of hidden

pockets, pockets inside of pockets, pocket behind pockets. That's my word,"

he said.

Sigel even admitted that he would change the

clothing stash spots often in the event that the police and detectives begin

to catch on.

"It ain't gonna be like, 'Its here every

time.' Its gonna be changed up," he said. "Its not going to be the

standard, the pockets are right here. Everything is different."

The clothing line, which is made by Roc-A-Fella

was launched by Beanie and some friends from his block with contributions from

designers from Roc-A-Wear. "It's like the younger brother to Roc-A-Wear,

but its for the not-so-glamorous industry look," Sigel continued. "It's

that hard everyday wear Its that gear you'll see ya pop throw on in the morning

before he go to work, but he does construction, move furniture, whatever."

Sigel said he even designed the logo, which has the letter "S" and

"P" intertwined.

Unlike many urban clothing brands, Sigel stated

that he was moved to offer an affordable alternative to some of the pricier


"It's gonna bring what you need to table.

For those who couldn't afford Polo they had Chaps. Well State Property is like

that [to Roc-A-Wear].

Sigel further admitted that he might even be

hurting those he wants to help by revealing this information.

"We made the clothes so hot, we shouldn't

even discuss it, because it would be defeating the purpose," Sigel said.