Beanie Sigel Launching Publishing Company

When Beanie Sigel

was serving time in jail, the readings the rapper read inspired him to start a

book publishing company.

The rapper said that works of urban/street novelists like Teri

Woods Publications, Vickie Stringer of Triple Crown Publications and veteran

scribes like Iceberg Slim and Donald Goines.

Beanie Sigel told, "Being in jail, I had

the time to sit down and read a lot of books. I was reading a lot of dudes that

wrote books while in jail, guys that have scripts and things."

Sigel admitted, while his idea isn't wholly original, it would

provide occasion for convicts to have a chance and break the cycle of prison

bids many fall to.

"It's the whole Vickie Stringer thing of how she was locked

up and started a publishing company. That's what I would be getting my book

[ideas] from, people that are incarcerated," he explained. "So, this

is an opportunity to give them a chance, because I was there with them. That's

what I'm going to be doing."

Beanie Sigel's real life has read like a novel from Stringer,

Goines or Woods.

In September, Sigel was acquitted of attempted-murder charges

in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania court and was released from jail in August after

serving nine months on gun possession.

Last month, Sam Derry, Sigel's stepfather was murdered and his

body was found badly burned and dumped in a Philadelphia alley.

The rapper has

had a number of other legal issues including a 2003 assault case from 53-year-old

man who alleges that Sigel fractured his eye socket.