Beanie Sigel Pleads Guilty To Assault

Beanie Sigel pleaded guilty to misdemeanor simple assault Tuesday, a legal case rooted in a 2003 fight.

In a Philadelphia courtroom, the rapper was sentenced to two years probation and fined $180 in court costs after concurring with a prosecutor’s version of the assault.

In January 2003, a man accused the rapper of punching him in both eyes, breaking the man’s left eye socket after a verbal argument outside a Chinese restaurant.

Sigel’s attorney, Fortunato N. Perri Jr. told the Associated Press that the rapper intends to move forward to "make music, make movies and work on his clothing line."

The rapper also has a legal matter related to child support and was temporarily incarcerated in November for not paying nearly $30, 000 in child support and court fees. The matter was resolved, according to the AP, but Sigel must report again today (Jan. 10) to answer to additional child support debt.

In September, Sigel was cleared after being accused of shooting a man two years ago. He was released from a federal facility after serving several months in jail on weapons charges.