Beanie Sigel's Mother Says He Is Doing Well

Beanie Sigel's 28 day drug treatment/anger management counseling is winding down in an undisclosed Minnesota treatment facility.After legal wrangling early last month, U.S. District Judge R. Barclay Surrick agreed to let Sigel out of jail to attend the facility. "His counselor called me today to tell me he's doing great," Sigel's mother Michelle Brown told the Philadelphia Daily News. A pretrial hearing will take place on Thursday, in an attempt to set a trial date for Sigel's attempted murder case.In that case, Sigel is accused of shooting a Philadelphia man outside of a bar, in the stomach and foot.Sigel's federal gun trial begins November 10. In that case, Sigel is charged with violating federal gun laws prohibiting a convicted felon from having a gun and possession of controlled substances.Sigel is facing 12 years in prison. The rapper will also face a judge January 12 for assault and reckless endangerment.In that case, Sigel allegedly made a rude remark to a woman in the presence of her male companion. When the man protested, Sigel got out of his car and allegedly punched him in both eyes."I wasn't there. I can only speak of my son as I know him," Brown said. "I've never been a mother who says, 'My son would never do that.' It's hard for me to judge. If he does something negative, he isn't going to do it in front of me."Brown said that in order for her to believe that her son would actually commit such crimes, prosecutors would have to find him guilty."Since I don't know that he did do anything, I'm going to fight on my son's side. I'm not angry at the prosecutors. They have their job to do. They don't know my son."