Beanie Sigel's Stepfather Found Dead

Police sources have revealed that a body found burned and dumped in a Philadelphia alley is the stepfather of rapper Beanie Sigel.

The body of Sam Derry, the stepfather of the popular rapper, was positively identified even though he was burned so badly that his race couldn’t initially determined, reports local NBC 10.

Derry’s body was found on Tuesday morning in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, but investigators later discovered that he died of multiple gunshot wounds. Authorities theorize that Derry was killed in a different location and then brought over into the West Oak lane area.

Witnesses told NBC 10 that they saw a white SUV or van dump the body into a remote alley. “Seen a van drive up. I saw two -- I saw two people dragging something, three people just dragging something into the trash,” the witness said. "I seen a -- I heard a whoosh, a big whoosh and then all of a sudden it was this fire. I said, 'Oh, they're putting the trash on fire back here.' But I said, 'Oh, my goodness, that's no trash, that's a body.'"

The witness called 911 after seeing the body parts.

According to reports, Derry was acquitted of murder in 1985, but didn’t offer any motive to the crime, nor a reason for the gross mutilation of the body.

Beanie Sigel wasn’t available at press time, but the rapper recently commented on the rash of violence that has afflicted his native Philadelphia.

“It’s the same thing everywhere,” he said of the violence he raps about. “People talk about it like it’s a new thing. It’s always been here, but people didn’t get that chance or that opportunity to talk that. It’s the same thing anywhere.”