Beanie Sigel Seeking Bail

After five weeks

of being incarcerated, Beanie Sigel is seeking to be released from prison on


Sigel's lawyer

Fortunato N. Perri. Jr., told a Philadelphia judge yesterday that Sigel was

not capable of fleeing town and skipping trial due to his fame.

Perri also claimed

that there was no evidence indicating that Sigel is a danger to his community,

despite being accused of shooting a man and appearing in court for various assault

and weapons charges.

Sigel is currently

in prison for shooting a man outside of a Philadelphia nightclub. Sigel and

his lawyer said that Sigel was at the bar prior to the shooting and deny any


Sigel was denied

bail last month on separate assault charges stemming from an April 20th incident.

The rapper is attempting

to be released to finish his third solo album, The Becoming.