Beanie Sigel, Tommy Lister Support Peace Rally


the midst of recent killings throughout American cities, the Hood March Movement

Committee and Before & After Entertainment have organized a silent hood march

scheduled for Saturday, September 23 at noon in the city of Wilmington, DE.The

event, inspired by Margaret “Cookie” Melton, mother of Donminico Melton,

35, who was murdered in July in Wilmington, will be held at Brown Burton Winchester

Memorial Park, formally called Prices Park.Melton

will host the event alongside actor/activist Tommy Lister, known as “Deebo”

from the movie “Friday”. The rally and march will have guest celebrity

speakers and will conclude with a peace party in the evening.State

Property rapper Beanie Sigel will also host a peace party to promote nonviolence

in underserved areas.For

more information contact: (302) 275-8243.