Beans Says Beef Isn't Squashed


seems that despite efforts from Russell Simmons himself,

the beef between Beanie Sigel

and Jadakiss continues. After the two artists met in an

undisclosed Harlem location and supposedly worked out

their problems, Beanie Sigel said otherwise on Philly

radio station Power 99fm.

Beanie called

Power99 and said that he beef wasn't squashed for several

reasons. He said that he refuses to let Jadakiss get the

diss rhyme in on him. More important, he claimed that

when the two artists agreed to meet in Harlem, it was

far from one on one. According to Beans, Jadakiss came

with 40 heads, as compared to Beanie's six.

He told the

Philadelphia listeners that Jadakiss called to meet at

a children's fundraiser in the part. Even still, Beans

claims Jada's crew made in apparent that they were all

packing weapons of some sort.

Beans said that while it is true that both of the artists

did meet, the whole meeting was fake, doubting Jadakiss'

sincerity to squash the beef.