Beastie Boys, Chuck D. Encourage Sampling With Contest

Creative Commons and

Wired Magazine have launched “The Fine Art of Sampling” contest, encouraging

fans to sample works from such well known acts as The Beastie Boys, David Byrne,

Chuck D., Danger Mouse, Le Tigre, My Morning Jacket and others.

Creative Commons was founded by Stanford Law School professor

Lawrence Lessig, one of the nation’s leading experts on copyright law.

The nonprofit’s aim is to increase the range of creative

and intellectual works that are free to share and build upon, using the unique

“Creative Commons licenses.”

In November, Wired Magazine and Creative Commons distributed

750,000 copies of a CD that music fans can share and incorporate into their

own music.

The winner of the contest will be included on one of two new

Wired CD’s slated for release 2005.

There are two categories in the contest that hopeful’s

can enter.

The first, The Freestyle Mix Contest, allows entrants to sample

any track on the Wired CD except track #11 by Chuck D.’s Fine Arts Militia.

The top 11 songs entries in the Freestyle Mix will go on the

Creative Commons release The Wired CD: Ripped. Sampled. Mashed. Shared.

The second, The Militia Mix Contest, allows entrants to sample

track #11, “No Meaning No” by Chuck D. and the Fine Arts Militia.

The winner of the Fine Arts Militia contest will be featured

on the upcoming Fine Arts Militia album, slated for a Spring 2005 release date.

“We're nearer to making worry-free sampling and re-creativity

mainstream,” Creative Commons CEO Mark Resch said. “In 2005 we will

continue to build our worldwide community of contributors to free culture.”

For more information

or to enter the contest, please visit